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Bridging Blockchain & Backend: My Dynamic Stint at AgreeWe

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Embarking on a freelance journey with AgreeWe, I dove headfirst into the bustling startup environment. A short but insightful 4-month experience, the role was both challenging and exhilarating, fueling my passion and introducing me to new horizons in the tech landscape.

Rapid Integration & Key Achievements

One of my standout moments at AgreeWe was the prototypical integration of a new smart contract. With a keen understanding of the backend architecture, I managed to seamlessly incorporate the changes in just a few hours over a weekend. The swiftness and efficiency of this integration is something I take great pride in, showcasing my adaptability and quick comprehension.

Challenges Faced

While technical challenges are par for the course, sometimes the interpersonal ones are trickier. Taking over from another blockchain developer, unbeknownst to him that I was stepping into his shoes, made our interactions a tad awkward. Such scenarios underlined the importance of transparent communication and tact in professional transitions.

Learning & Development

Diving deeper into NestJS, this role facilitated my exploration of its advanced concepts. I acquainted myself with sophisticated features such as pipes and custom guards, enhancing my backend expertise.

Embracing Global Collaboration

AgreeWe’s team was an eclectic mix of talents, operating remotely across the globe. Transitioning from predominantly German teams to this diverse, worldwide group was an eye-opener. While it necessitated more regular communication for synchronization, the collaboration was smooth, offering a glimpse into the future of global remote work.


Though brief, my time at AgreeWe was a whirlwind of learning, challenges, and accomplishments. It reiterated the significance of adaptability in the tech domain and broadened my perspective on global teamwork. As I continue on my professional journey, the insights garnered here, especially the interplay between different architectural approaches, enrich my subsequent endeavors like LumiOS.

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  • Typescript
  • Solidity
  • Rust
  • Express
  • NestJS
  • React
  • Web3
  • Ganache
  • PostgreSQL
Time Investment: 4 months