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Pioneering a Modular Web Platform: A Journey into Flexibility & Performance

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Project Genesis

In the ever-evolving realm of software development, the need for platforms that can host a myriad of distinct applications becomes paramount. With this mission in mind, we embarked on an ambitious journey to create a web platform designed for utmost modularity, ensuring easy integration and extension of various applications.

Taking the Helm: Roles & Responsibilities

As part of the core team driving this endeavor, my role encompassed forging a path to a sustainable system architecture and laying foundational processes, particularly in areas like CI/CD. A pivotal moment was when I led the creation of a prototype—a tangible proof of concept that encapsulated our vision.

Innovations & Challenges

One of the significant innovations was developing a new template system—a testament to past experiences and learnings. This system is not only more flexible than previous incarnations but also boasts an inherent ease of use and extensibility. To bolster the template language, I devised a simplistic expression language, ensuring that even in potential corruption scenarios, the system remains secure by design.

However, the path hasn’t been without its fair share of challenges. One recurring theme has been aligning perspectives. Engaging with colleagues from a predominantly desktop application background meant frequent discussions rooted in desktop paradigms, which often required reorientation for the web domain. It became a balance of discussion and education, merging past experiences with future possibilities.

Tech Stack & Team Synergy

While Angular has been chosen for the frontend, owing to its robust micro frontend support that facilitates a seamless plugin interface, the backend remains a playground. We’re currently experimenting with various languages and frameworks, striving to find the perfect fit for our unique performance needs.

Our team, comprising ten developers, operates on a democratic ethos. Although a group of experts prepares critical decisions, inclusive discussions involving the entire team are integral to our decision-making process.

Looking Ahead

The project, still in its developmental phase, promises to build a web platform that lasts for decades. The journey, laden with innovations, challenges, and collective growth, paints a picture of a future where adaptability is not just desired but inherently built-in.

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  • Typescript
  • Go
  • Angular
  • Express
  • Docker
  • Gitlab CI/CD
Time Investment: 10 months